Paragon DSI completes the Zebra Technologies Validation Program for SafeBaby® on the ZD410 and LP 2824Plus

Partner: Paragon DSI

Application: SafeBaby®
Industries: Healthcare, Breast Milk Tracking
Devices Validated: ZD410, LP 2824Plus



Product Details

Description: SafeBaby® BMT is a configurable, customizable breast milk tracking and feeding software system for the treatment of at-risk preemies. SafeBaby® BMT was developed to ensure that every baby being treated in the NICU receives the best nutrition for their needs, while eliminating the risks of traditional enteral feeding methods.

SafeBaby® breast milk tracking for hospitals and donor banks is a revolutionary feed validation system that tracks milk from breast to baby, without the inefficiencies of manual data entry.  By implementing an automated barcode-based feed management system, NICUs can more efficiently treat a greater number of patients in a shorter amount of time, providing each baby with safe, cost-effective, and personalized care free from incorrect nutrition or dangerous tubing misconnections.

Using their SafeBaby® Software System, nurses scan the unique 2-D barcode on each container of expressed breast milk, donor milk, or formula, validating that the correct milk is being fed to the correct child and verifying that the contents are not expired or meant for another infant. Tracking the breast milk’s volume, caloric value, and fortification, and recording the time of the administered feed on each baby’s chart saves neonatal professionals countless hours of busywork and prevents the loss of vital information through human error.

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