After the recent Xamarin acquisition, Microsoft has announced that Xamarin Studio is no longer supported on Windows.  Microsoft now supports only Visual Studio for Xamarin development on Windows.  In the next Zebra EMDK for Xamarin release [v2.2], Zebra will discontinue the support for Xamarin Studio for Windows.  However, Zebra will continue to support Xamarin Studio on Mac.


1. Why is Zebra ending support for Xamarin Studio on Windows?

     Since Microsoft has ended support for Xamarin Studio on Windows, Zebra is also ending support for all versions of Xamarin Studio on Windows.


2. Then what are my option for developing Xamarin apps on Windows?

     Visual Studio (2015 or higher) as this is the only IDE Microsoft and Xamarin are supporting for Windows. 


3. I use Xamarin Studio on Mac. Is there any change to Zebra’s support?

     No.  You can continue to use Xamarin Studio on Mac for application development.


4. Will Zebra continue to support Xamarin Studio on Windows for the previous versions of the EMDK?

     No.  Zebra has ended support for all EMDK versions for all Xamarin Studio versions on Windows.