Main Agenda Topic - Eric to Discuss questions on the great new Competitive Advantage Deck

Questions about Antenna Coverage Pattern (or Lobe shape) and Read Range

  • Fixed: diff antennas  power spec
    • Information on Antenna
    • Where find info ..

- WHY NOT?  How should this be secret?

Proposition for discussion: we need this information (ie, Coverage patttern for fixed antennas) in the hands of SEVT.  May be required for solution design to minimize trial-and-error in antenna selection and positioning

JW agree - we need this..

  ADD -- limited experience, but there are some tools

   one called RFMAX.. Basically look for RF Energy in walk around..

PW - we had a request in a hospital to make sure signal didn't cover too much

  most of us operate by experience and rule of thumb for antenna selection

  - look at spec sheet, work out backscatter and coverage area.
     Also,  we've done a bit of antenna training in the UK.

   Antenna training was by .. RFID 4U  .. Partner.
         They were at RFID General Live show in London.

   ARSEN has done some courses with them, and they

       they have a wealth of knowledge, and certification training of their own

CW - on training,  10 yrs ago a company had a tool that would show
   RFShark or SharkRF.. RFID solutions was co. .. 

  Create a frame with some tags.. Use to explore actual read volume shape
     company was American RFID Solutions, contact was Harold Clampitt  


Handheld Antennas - these are a fixed choice by device.

  we DON'T PUBLISH read pattern / range -- WHY NOT?

  the 9100 is longer range.

CW -  the RFID Locator is a good tool for testing your antenna/power setting.

  Environment can change the shape, and power requirements.

  Actual read range can be affected by envirionment, even noisture in air may affect

  so.. Your Mileage may vary..

SO IT'S SET POWER AND TEST.  Start at MAX and back off until you have what you want.

Eric: We did some testing against competitive products with the 8500

  Do SE's have that ? --- NOT YET 

  was done about a month ago..

CW - RFID Competitive Chart.




CW - very interested in what we are doing in Fashion Retail

   we did Zara, doing something with Adidas in Russia 

Ie, SALES information .. What are we actually doing, 

Eric - have you discussed w/ Regional mgrs about status?

CW - yes but we need GLOBAL picture UPDATE..


Eric = agree they are important. I can work with Chris Shaefer

  but if want studies on 8500, it's early - just now GETTING those successes..

  and of course, need customer approval

CW - yes but we could do an internal update..

PW - let's get Pankaj Shukla .. He does RFID Bus Dev across EMEA and sees all this..

Request Pankaj and SusanFOR NEXT MEETING  - EMAIL SENT

BK - I could shed some light on H&M .. Started w POC In Belgium,
    have move to large scale pilot.. 

CW - 2nd biggest after XARA ..

BK - they DON'T let us use them. 

Proposition: We should be sure ALL SE's know you are their go-to resources for RFID questions and help with opportunities.

PW - WE are the support for our Territories..

  happy to have our names circulate .. Sales Consultants for RFID Opps

OK getting back to main topic of quesitons about the Competitive Advantage deck,,

Questions about max Reading Speed -- we publish max  under good conditions
  but .. We have not posted for 3190Z or 9190Z

Chris S's team has PORTFOLIO DECK including RFID PRINTERs in the works.. 


Question about Hosting applications..

  we DO have a connector to BizTalk

The 7500 can host embedded apps..

  LINUX (version?) distribution ??

  - 2.6.32 in Rel Notes..

BK - we did have a security question from Swedish defense,

  concerned with Linux .. Apparently forbidden.. 
PW only time it's come up was with Minstry of Defense in UK.

CW - Eric you mentioned we can embed apps… brings up another q on 7500

   mfr has now stopped selling but we still are.. So we are getting tech questions,

   asking "can we still buy it, will it support our apps built for orig mgr, can you support it?"

Eric - we need to say it's the SAME BOARD, but not the same device..

The 9500 cannot host apps like this today.. Need to connect to host PC..

Eric ALSO some q's about TC8k and UHF RFID ..

   we need 750k USD to make it happen..

   DCS has not found the demand to justify it now..

One issue is the 8k is expensive already, and adding RFID would make it worse

PW - fair and reasonable. Tell us about the replacement for the 3100 series

E - has been approved to do a combination of 91/31 Z but it's 2 years away.

Az - so we will have NO ANDROID PRODUCT for handheld RFID ?

E - right. There are 3 products competitive that support android, and 2 are sleds

  from TSL and Pidion .. Alien has only integrated unit ALRH450 .. Didn't test very well

  see slide 4

Eric - Larry mentioned swappable module like WAP4..

  HF / UHF - EAI strategy specificaliy focuses on UHF bc they are more used in Retial, T&L

Only 2 products now support HF .. Card printer and Wkeabout Pro 4


CW - q on handhelds, with CE WM support ending in 2020, what's impact?

E we should have new product by then - end of support just means no functional updates

PW spoke to ALTAF about how long to replacement..

E the 3200 replacement is Sentry, our replacement is called Aurous ..  Expect del late 2018

PW Android N or O ?

E expect at least M do expect to base on Sentry

CD - will we have RFID Support for Enterprise Browser ??

E - need to check with EB team.. I can say 8500 works in HID mode, so that might.



(this should be Altaf and Jocelyn I think)

CW - who to use for integration with SAP for Fixed Readers..

  Google search was not clear..


JW - we know Z doesn't offer middleware..

Az - the WHERENET Part is able to connect

JW - our VSS middlware may fit but we can't resell …  

  our fixed readers must have middleware, but we always rely on partners.

CW - who is responsible for that group?
Location Sves .. Eric Garland and Jill Fox

Az - in France,

  but they can sell directly and we cannot..

Lise Chaput Ezvan

  we are trained to work with them to build a full solution..

PW change topic

  at RFID General show, Avery Denison stall had Tyco Retail Solutions (Fashion retail)

  Q What are we doing with TYCO ?? Already engaged..


E - Tyco supports Macy's here- app for RFID inventory wks on RFD8500

   they were in our booth at NRF last year

PW - we should ask Pankaj

BK - Creative Systems was bought by Tyco and they are used at H&M

  Zebra bought Hart Systems, and they do Retail Inventory as a Service..

  Hart has built RFID into their software so they can do what Tyco does at H&M,

    and do bus. With H&M but not on RFID yet.

  Tyco does do the service model as well..   So this is direct competition.

We can't sell Hart

PW when Creative was bought, Tyco got access to H&M..

   think we could do more via Avery Denison and Tycol

   CW - they own the security systems .. They are all Checkpoint or Tyco

   PW - they say they own security at 80% of retailers..

  E - we are in beg stages of working with Tyco ..

BK  -  check w Jason Ball

GET MEETING FOR PW to talk to Greg Williams' Team..


CW -.. Steve Howell in UK at Tyco may be person to talk to..

FIND CONTACT .. Pankaj Shukla  or in NA, it Susan Flake

CW - seed units for RFD8500i model

   we have problems getting demo units to SEVT..


  argue RFID experts

CW are we considering small UHF addons for TC55 and

  to do asset tag reading in the field.

  we don't need a big distance, or fast reading.

but do need to verity an asset tag one at a time in field..

Request is for small device.. 8500 is not IP sealed for outdoor.

Think we have a Portfolio GAP..

E - don't think it’s a gap.. WaboutPro is sealed for outdoor..

CW no, it's too large..

E - enterprise retaila and T&L are our main targets..

C, can you ID the business case?  UHF tags..

  Infrstr companies in EU are moving to UHF..

  big Tire mfrs, want to control tires across supply chain

  Security companies, want to use TC75, TC56 to read locn tags..

GET WITH CHAS and NIK  TO DESCRIBE THIS, ask about Tires also

NIKOLAY (late) .. I can verify need for small IP65 device ..

    for asset tracking, one item at a time we don't need UHF.. HF is OK

    it’s a good think we HAVE it. We Don't have a Rugged android..

E - Sentry will be indoor, not sealed for outdoor

N we have WkAboutPro which is sealed..

   I don't understand company position on that..

   I am with you that we need outside

E we understand need.. There was an outdoor version fo Sentry that didn't get funded.

   EMC could not build a case for it.

Az - some projects you win because you have the devices..

   have to have the whole solution..

N - demand crosses line from DCS to EMC

E - understand need to have end to end complete solution..

N  think we can justify IP sealed sentry type .. It's not about ruggedness,
   it's about using outside. Battery dies immed at only 0deg C


PW - to points make, Eric can you clarify strategy on W About Pro ..

   moving guts to Andoid? It CAN be used outdoors..

E - have to check with Pierre Bonifoy

N - talked with Pierre.. WAP4 is EMC pro.. Will last as long as WM/CE support..

So up to end of 2019 .. Yes it is most verstile but it's dead end.

They are looking for replacement, to fill in for TC8k ..

PW let's add to that conversation.

Nikolay - we just sold  a LOT of  DS2208 Scanners to Russias largest BANK