Industry News – Week of February 6th, 2017

We are excited to start a new series of blogs that will highlight things going on in the industry that this community may find interesting and informative. Look for weekly posts on Monday that include a series of links to articles and possibly some short commentary.


A nice short read over your morning coffee, "working lunch" or your late night red bull "break from coding".


Let me know what you think - hope you find it useful.


Google Enterprise Site highlights Zebra’s technology (HERE)

Lots going on behind the scenes with our partnership with Google getting stronger and stronger (more reveled at the AppForum later this year - be sure to Register and get your seat to hear Google's keynote) . Check out Google's new branding on Enterprise and how prominent Zebra appears in their videos


Google acquires Fabric / Crashlytics (HERE)

How are you handling application crashes in testing and in the field? Looks help to have this part of the Android platform is on the way which is good news for developers looking to increase their application stability.


Google working to improve their security (HERE)

In 2016 Google Play App Security Improvement (ASI) program has helped over 90,000 developers update over 275,000 apps. Be sure to also checkout the Security Best Practice document and the handy checklist.


Google starts live testing Instant Apps on Android (HERE)

Live testing of Google's Instant Apps effort is underway and business technology decision makers should watch carefully -- especially if support for mobile can be simplified. I would be interested in hearing from this community if they have looked into "Instant Apps" and are considering it as a strategy.


Latest Windows 10 hardened (HERE)

Microsoft has fortified the latest version of Windows to make it more secure than previous editions.


Galaxy Note 7 fault roundup (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE)

Samsung has finally announced the results of its Galaxy Note 7 investigation, confirming that two separate battery issues were to blame.


Healthcare becoming more mobile but one in four firms concerned over MDM (HERE)

Refreshingly high number of healthcare firms going in with mobility at the outset; 83% say they currently provide mobile devices to caregiving staff but have concerns over security and selecting the right MDM solution.


Oracle to buy API development firm Apiary (HERE)

Apiary has been around since 2011 and is known for its APIFlow platform that allows developers to build, test, and monitor APIs while supporting API Blueprint and OpenAPI industry standards. This move by Oracle should strengthen it's cloud platform for creating and managing APIs.