Industry News - Week of Mar. 20, 2017

For developers using Zebra's EMDK for Android and have updated to Android Studio 2.3, please read the story immediately below. There's also news this week for developers using Visual Studio, MySQL, ReactJS and Docker, and not all of it is good.


EMDK for Android Bug Fix for Latest Android Studio

The release last week of Android Studio 2.3 revealed a bug in Zebra's EMDK add-on for the SDK. Here's the fix.


Microsoft Releases .NET Core Tools 1.0

On the heels of Microsoft's release of Visual Studio 2017, the company has unveiled .NET Core Tools 1.0, with add full C# support to any of the Visual Studio editions, including VS Code for Mac.  


Study: ReactJS, Docker Show Big Growth in Jobs

The landscape of the developer job market is changing. Dev-job and community site Stack Overflow has run the 2017 numbers and ReactJS and Docker are gaining fastest.


MySQL Vulnerability Revealed as 'Bad Dump'

Christopher Tarquini, technical lead at cloud services provider Linode, details a flaw in the popular open source database MySQL that could open a back door using an imported dump file.


Gmail App Now Can Transfer Funds

Forget using PayPal or SquareCash to send money to a friend or pay a bill. Now Gmail can attach funds like a photo.


Apple Turns Attention to Services

With its iPhone sales at a plateau, Apple is focusing its efforts on building the services side of the house, where margins are in the clouds.


Motorola Unveils a 5G Add-on

With Qualcomm's plans for a Gigabit LTE network inching closer to reality, Motorola hinted in New Orleans last week that a "Moto Mod" could be in the works in time for 5G in 2019.