Industry News - Week of Apr. 3, 2017

It has been a fairly slow week for Industry News. So why not order a pizza and have it delivered by drone?


Skype Founders Now Delivering Pizza

A handful of Domino's restaurants in Germany and Holland are testing a ground-based drone to deliver as many as eight pizzas at a time. Have some grease ready for the tip.


Link-OS Tech Services Update (pdf)

Zebra issued a Technical Services Update for Link-OS, the company's operating system for enterprise printers. The report includes numerous links to all the OS's latest features and enhancements. 


Dell Goes Heavy Into Rugged Tablet-Convertible
Ruggedized laptops and light-weight convertibles from Dell have been available for years. This week the company unveiled a ruggedized convertible with a screen that spins.


Telecom CEO's Take on IoT 'Revolution'

On his returning from the Mobile World Congress, Andrew Penn, CEO of the major Australian carrier Telstra, says that IoT is not about technology.


Apple's Latest iOS Security Guide
For apps that process payments or use certificates or single sign-on, Apple's March 2017 iOS Security Guide is worth a read.