Industry News - Week of Apr. 10, 2017

This week will bring one update to a current Windows release, one release of a future Android version, Lambda support of Node, and the revelation of two dangerous exploits.


'Android O' Developer Preview Released

The latest build extends battery life with background limits, and introduces fine-grain control over app notifications.


Windows 10 'Creators Update' Drops Tuesday

Windows veteran and "Field Guides" author Paul Thurrott takes a sober look at Microsoft's latest version of Windows 10, and highlights the few important bits.


Blockchain Reaching for the Skies

The technology behind Bitcoin continues to garner attention; most recently by the aviation industry.


'Pegasus' Malware for Android Detected

The world's "most dangerous" piece of malware has found its way to Android, and it won't be taken alive.


Apple, Android Devices Victims of 'Drive-By' Wi-Fi Exploit

Devices running Android and iOS alike can be victims of Broadcom's Wi-Fi security hole as Apple and Google work on fixes.


Zebra 'LifeGuard' Extends Android Security

Company unveils an extended service plan for Android device security and extends the useful life of its devices.


Taking On Warehouse Picking With Robotics

Technology Review takes a look at advancements in robotics that can add artificial intelligence to the mundane.


The TC5 Series: Inside Zebra's Sleek New Devices

Questions and answers with Andy McBain, Zebra's head of regional product management for EMEA. 


AWS Lambda Supports Node 6.1

The Android Web Services Lambda function, which allows code to be run without server provisioning or management, can now be configured using Node code uploaded as a Zip.