Industry News - Week of Apr. 17, 2017

Alarming security trends top this week's news stories, while Android O continues to advance. There's also a way to run Android apps natively on the desktop, and advice for users of Zebra's multi-SIM TC75 device.


Flaws Found in Fingerprint Finder

An study published in IEEE Transactions found that criminals could access nearly two-thirds of fingerprint scanners.


Malware Programs IoT Devices to Steal Bitcoins

Blockchain technology never seems to get a break from hackers. Its latest threat comes from Mirai malware, which attempts to spring small leaks in the bitstream.


Anbox: Run Android Apps Natively on the Desktop

Simon Fels, lead developer at Canonical has released Anbox, an open source project that uses no emulators to run Android apps on Ubuntu and other desktop-style Linux versions.



Smartphone Display: Heal Thyself

Researchers are developing a type of glass that can detect fractures and within 24 hours, extrude a healing polymer. Scientists warn: there will be some scarring.


Android O Making Strides

Here's a conglomeration of articles from XDA Developer covering Android O activities, including this close-up of the latest added features.


Changes to Device Identifiers in Android O

Here's a recent post from Google Privacy Engineer Giles Hogben giving the inside perspective on what's coming down the pike.


Here's How to Select a SIM in Zebra's TC75

Zebra's TC75 Touch Computer lets the user select between its two nano-SIM and one mini-SIM slots in the device. Here's how to make that work. 


Java vs. Kotlin: Short, Funny and Useful

For Java developers looking to shorten their codebase, David Schreiber-Ranner, a developer with PSPDF, makes a brief and amusing case with humor and real code.


The State of the Developer Nation

Here's an infographic for developers with facts and figures, tools and targets, skills and salaries, and other information that might be of interest. 


Retail Stores of the Future?

The retail experience 10 years from now might not look very different from today. But technology will be present in ways both obvious and subtle.