Industry News - Week of Apr. 24, 2017

Android O Puts Limits On Broadcast

As a hedge against process churn (and battery drain), developers using the implicit broadcast are forced to be more explicit.


End of an Era: Intel Closes Doors to IDF

Developers planning to get their big Intel announcements at the Intel Developer Forum had better start making other plans.


African Internet Registry to Withhold IP Addresses 

Afrinic, the organization in charge of allocating IP addresses to African nations, is considering a ban on countries that block citizen access to the internet.


Google to Allow Russian Search, Apps on Phones

Smartphones sold in Russia will be allowed to come with apps rivaling Google's own, thanks to an out-of-court settlement brought about by a Russian watchdog group.


Ski Resort Replaces Lift Tickets with RFID

A ski resort in British Columbia has implemented an RFID system that replaces the paper lift ticket with an RFID pass, helping improve security and prevent unauthorized sharing.


Chinese Shipper Improves Sorting with Robots



UPS Uses Beacons to Prevent Mishaps

The United Parcel Service is implementing Bluetooth-based technology to help get packages onto the correct trucks. 


Beacons Show Waze Through Tunnels 

Auto navigation systems go dark inside most tunnels, and take a moment to reorient when the vehicle emerges from the other end. Beacons are helping to solve this problem.  


A Five-Minute Lesson for Using RxJava with DiffUtil

Erik Hellman, developer at Hellman Software AB, offers a brief tutorial for using RxJava to easily generate code using DiffUtil on large or complex comparisons.


The Rise of the 'Expert Beginner'

One developer's perspective on why good developers often end up leaving organizations while the mediocre developers stay and get continue to advance.


A DroidCon Italy Roundup

Dan Quagliana, Zebra's Global Developer Relations Manager,  shares his perspectives and experiences from this year's conference in Turin.