Industry News - Week of May 15, 2017

Marshmallow Security Flaw Won't Be Fixed Soon

Malware that can hijack the screen of a device running Android M could impact 38 percent of Android users. 


Ultrasonic Trackers Could be Following You

Will it never end? German researchers have discovered the existence of hundreds of separate apps that can track the movements of Android devices with sound inaudible to humans.  


A Look at Fuchsia, Google's Latest OS

First discovered last August, Google's latest operating system is pickup speed, and is thought to be the successor to Android and Chrome.   


Tech is 'What to Wear' in the Warehouse

Companies seeking efficiencies in warehouse management are increasingly turning to wearable technology to keep workers productive.


Wal-Mart Steps up IoT Efforts

The retail mega-giant plans to use sensor data to taylor its purchasing decisions based on consumer usage patterns of its merchandise.  


Mobile Computers Keep Airbags Moving

The world's largest airbag manufacturer uses handheld computers to keep the flow of auto airbags moving smoothly through its factories.


'Hey Alexa, Where's My Package?'

If it was shipped via DHL, users of the Amazon Echo device asking such a question could get a meaningful answer. 


Swedish Phone Comes with 'Panic Button'

The Doro 8020X comes with a dedicated key (colored red) that can automatically text a distress message to as many as five contacts, complete with GPS coordinates. 


The Mother of all IoT Sensors

Now there's a single module that can sense EMI, heat, humidity, motion, pressure and many more things that big-brother wants to know.


U.S. Military Readies Rugged Mobile Location Device

The United States Marine Corps is putting the finishing touches on the Marine Common Handheld, a ruggedized device that mission plans and comms literally at the soldier's fingertips. 


MIT Demos a 3D-Printed Building

They're not the first to 3D-print a building, but these MIT researchers are going big and getting more precise. 


Microsoft Unveils 'Visual Studio 2017 for Mac'

Microsoft has rebranded Xamarin Studio as Visual Studio 2017 for Mac OS X, which it says can be used to build and debug apps for Android, Mac OS X, iOS tvOS and other platforms including the web.