Industry News - Week of May 29, 2017

'Android Go' Will Need Less Memory

A lightweight version of Android O will target devices with 1GB of memory and include a Google Play filter for apps that do the same.


The Hidden Costs of 'Free' Apps

"If it's free it's for me" might be a common refrain in many circles, but the increases in memory, bandwidth and other resources used by ad-driven apps might not be worth it.


Google Making Progress on VR Adoption Issues

Efforts at Google to ease the convenience and accessibility of the technology are starting to make virtual reality less virtual and more of a reality.


Google Seurat Plays Cinematic Renders in Real Time



Apple Continues to Ramp Up Its 'Swift' Training

With Swift Playgrounds and Everyone Can Code programs for its Apple-targeted software language firmly in place, Apple is now pitching a free two-semester college program around the country.


If You See Something, Search Something

Google has unveiled a new search technology that uses images instead of words to return relevant search results such as historical information, restaurant reviews and location information.


Apple Investing in 5G

Faster internet is just around the corner, and Apple's recent patent filings have revealed its interest in millimeter wave technology that its marketing department has kept quiet. 


AI Software Beats World 'Go' Expert, Then Retires

For the first time in history, a software algorithm has defeated humans at Go, the ancient Chinese board game in which players attempt to dominate a geometric grid with black and white discs.