Industry News - Week of June 12, 2017

Google Ups the Ante for Bug Finders

With the maximum bug bounty raised to $200K, Google hopes to have more takers of its open invitation to report Android security exploits.


Node.js 8 Packed With Power

Available now, the Node.js 8 server-side execution environment for JavaScript reportedly includes an API that won't break native modules with every new release line.


The 5nm Process of the Future



Dawn of the Virtual Desktop

MIT believes that the desktop computer will soon be on the scrap heap of history along with typewriters and SCSI cables.


Healthcare Increasingly Turning Mobile

Like the IT departments of most other industries, workers in healthcare are looking more at mobile solutions to increase efficiency and improve patient care.


Google Creates Intelligent Spreadsheets

A human assistant might understand "a histogram of 2017 ice cream sales" and put it into a spreadsheet. Now Google's virtual assistant is trying to do the same with AI.


The State of Warehouse Robotics

RK Logistics employs smart robots as a "virtual conveyor" of goods in the warehouse.


And the Winner Is...

CMU Technologies takes the top prize in the Le Monde International Smart Cities Global Innovation competition. 


Robocop No Longer Science Fiction

Dubai has become the first city in the world to employ robots as law-enforcement officers.

real-life robocop.png