Industry News - Week of Aug. 7, 2017

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Google Glass Makes its Debut in the Enterprise

Falling somewhat short of a consumer craze, Glass Enterprise Edition might find better footing.


Windows 10 Eye Tracking Ready for Public Testing

Microsoft just last week unveiled Eye Control, offering screen navigation help for the physically disabled. To test, download the latest insider preview build.


Ice Cream Pops in Japan Now Melt More Slowly

Japanese researchers found that ingredients extracted from strawberries help ice cream keep its shape in the heat.


Conflict Erupts at Google Over Free Expression

A 10-page paper critical of the company's diversity policy as "left leaning" and oppressive sparks a social media firestorm with demands for heads to roll.


U.S. Secret Service Testing Drones to Boost Security

The United States Secret Service, currently charged with protecting President Trump, will add drones to its site security screening toolbox.


Move Those Couches, Ikea's Making Room for Solar Panels

The Swedish furniture giant will be selling solar battery kits (without panels) starting at just under $10k. It's unclear whether that comes with a free couch.


Forbes: 92 Percent of Computing Will be Cloud-based

With the emergence of IoT and big data, Forbes tech pundit Joe McKendrick cites research to prove his assertions.


If Speed is the Need, Do it In-Memory

Not a new concept, but in-memory computing is nearing its next phase as approaches emerge to make performance gains more widespread.

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