Industry News - Week of Aug. 14, 2017

The latest in warehouse automation by Cainiao, an affiliate of Alibaba.




Game Makers Use Starcraft to Teach AI

Blizzard has teamed up with Google's Deepmind to make AI more intelligent.


Apple Watch Breaks its Bonds with iPhone

Cupertino is trying to gets its Watch to think different; next versions will be able to get more done without being tethered to an iPhone.


Tesla to Begin Testing Self-Driving Trucks

Electric-vehicle pioneer Tesla in September is expected to begin road-testing autonomous trucks that can travel alone or in convoys.


Android N Update Includes 'Seamless' Updates

Android Nougat 7.1 will help prevent over-the-air updates from leaving behind a a brick.


Researchers Developing a Battery-Free Smartphone

Futuristic phone runs on the tiny electrical energy in radio waves that constantly coat the planet.


Drones Find Niche in Insurance Business

With newly relaxed federal government regulations, insurers are having an easier time using drones to help ease property inspections.


How Home Automation Can Go Terribly Wrong

Warning: Some of these are pretty gross.