Industry News - Week of May. 21, 2018

THIS WEEK: Android Things 1.0 Includes BSPs; Real-time Location Data Breach; Google's Smart Compose; Robotic Dog Sale Date; IBM Bans Flash Drives; Improving Efficiency With Drones; US to Use Robots in War


Android Things 1.0 Delivers BSPs

More than a year after its initial release to developers, Android Things 1.0 is finally here. Before downloading, learn about the SDKs.

Location-data Aggregator Exposed Real-time Data

Your cell phone carrier is probably selling your location data to a company called LocationSmart, which has since repaired its leaky web site.

Google Can Now Finish Your Sentences​​

"Autocomplete" feature that's now a part of Gmail, the so-called Smart Compose option learns over time how the sender communicates.

Boston Dynamics To Begin Selling 'SpotMini' Robotic Dog in 2019

IBM Bans Flash Drives in the Office

Big Blue isn't big on small storage devices. In an effort to improve data security, the company has prohibited the use of USB drives and SD cards among its office staff.


Improving Efficiency with Drones and PIGs

Here's how energy company PWC uses today's advanced technologies to improve response time to critical events.

The US Military Explores Robotic Soldiers

The United States Army will spend about $1B in the coming years looking into robots for reconnaissance, bomb sniffing and heavy lifting.