Industry News - Week of June 4, 2018

THIS WEEK: Flawed U.N. IPv6 Plan; Robot Zaps Weeds; Samsung Wins Court Battle; Red Hat's Constant Growth; GDPR Laws Now in Place; Amazon, Walmart to Battle in India

Can the U.N. Force the World to Adopt IPv6?

Engineers critical of an IPv6 implementation plan being pushed by the United Nations is "far removed from operational reality."

Weed Robot Could Threaten Herbicide Companies

An autonomous, solar-powered robot developed by Swiss farm-tech company ecoRobotix​ uses GPS, sensors and optics to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Samsung Wins Software-Update Battle

A Netherland court has ruled that Samsung will not be forced to update the software running on its smartphones for years after release.


Red Hat Revenues Continue to Increase

Despite (or perhaps because of) perpetually changing its business plan, Linux developer Red Hat has seen 64 consecutive quarters of growth.

Augmented Reality For the Warehouse

UK-based warehouse solutions developer Lucas Systems reveals its plans to develop "AR smart glasses" to assist warehouse pickers.

GDPR Laws Took Effect Last Week. Are You Ready?

Europe's General Data Protection Regulations apply to all EU companies and corporations doing business with them.


Walmart Acquisition Opens Amazon Pitched Battle

In what could be the highest-value acquisition in history, Walmart's $16-billion purchase of online retailer Flipkart​ could have major impact on Amazon's business in India.