Industry News - Week of Jul. 30, 2018

IN THIS ISSUE: AI 100 Report; Google Fined $5B; Robot Comedians; Verizon Halts 3G; WD to Close Factory; Context-aware Authentication; AI in Hospitals; Computers That See Through Walls

Who's Leading the World in AI Development?

Learn which companies to follow in the world of artificial intelligence. Read researcher CB Insights' latest AI 100 report.

Google Fined a Record $5B in Antitrust Ruling

Search giant Google was slapped by an EU court last week for tying its browser and other apps to the Google Play Store.


Can Robots Learn to be Funny?

A "social roboticist" takes her humanoid robot on tour to understand how human comedians change their act based on audience response.

Verizon Stops Activating 3G Phones

The 3G-network writing has been on the wall for years. Should this news from one of America's largest carriers surprise anyone?

Western Digital to Spin Down Hard Drive Factory

A five-minute video documents what could be a dying industry of spinning storage as solid-state drives take over the market.

How AI Could Help Prevent Patient Neglect

Machine-learning device from startup Inspiren​ monitors hospital caregiver activities to ensure they're making their "hourly rounds."

Google Introduces 'Context-Aware' Authentication

New APIs would allow administrators to define environmental parameters such as location to supplement traditional user-based credentials.

Now Computers Can See Through Walls

A technology called "RF-Pose" in development at at MIT uses radio frequency reflection to determine location and movement.