Industry News - Week of Aug. 13, 2018

IN THIS ISSUE: Android Pie is Here; Robot Hand Gains Dexterity; Google Self-censorship; Lawmakers Eye Facial Recognition; Google Funds Scandit; Pizza By Robot; Virus Blamed for Factory Shutdown

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Android 'Pie' Filled With Features

The latest version, Android 9, adds a nav-bar icon, enhances Bluetooth and battery life, and is loaded with new features for the enterprise.

Robot Hand Teaches Itself Dexterity

Researchers at MIT have used artificial intelligence to bestow a robotic hand with the equivalent of 100 years of learning.

Google Self-Censors Search Results for China

The project, kept secret to all but a few company insiders, has sparked anger among those left out of the loop.

California Start-up Uses Robots to Make Pizza

The Zume Pizza​ "assembly line" combines humans, sensors, artificial intelligence and a six-axis robotic arm to crank out perfect pies. 

Politicians Set Sights on Facial Recognition

A group of lawmakers, all Democrats, has called on a government agency to determine whether facial scanning violates civil rights.

GV Invests $30M in Scanning Solutions Developer

Google's investment arm is betting on Scandit​, a Swiss developer of barcode scanning solutions, including an 'Enterprise Browser.'

WannaCry Virus Blamed for iPhone Chip Delay

WannaCry might have had that effect on Apple execs as the ransomware temporarily halted production at Taiwan chipmaker TSMC.