Learn about Voice Input for DataWedge in our next DEVTALK.

Voice Input enables DataWedge to convert spoken entries into keystrokes as if they were typed or acquired from a scan and uses the Google speech recognition engine included on GMS devices.

Hear about:

  • Voice-to-data capture and how it operates and how it can be useful in cases when a barcode is wet, damaged, covered with stray markings or otherwise cannot be scanned
  • What happens when a data source is identified as voice input and  how it processes the voice data according to any application requirement
  • How barcode scanning and voice input can co-exist in the same DataWedge profile, and how they can be used interchangeably
  • Various Voice Input options

Watch the demo video highlighting how to capture Voice Input with the DWDemo app.

Watch the demo video showcasing the Send Enter command for multiple field entry.

Presenter:  Rob Galvin, Zebra Software Engineer & Catherine Wei, Zebra

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