Of the many challenges that customers face everyday, one of the greatest is effective supply chain management.  Zebra has innovated for many years and is a recognized leader in providing top solutions for Supply Chain problems. 
The next wave of industry changing technology is upon us, and its' name is BlockChain.  Consider this;  Need to securely track assets across multiple vendors and Logistics companies?  Need to validate that a product is authentic?  Need to know that the product has been stored and transported at the right temperature and conditions?  BlockChain, along with AI, is capable of making many of the oldest problems in Supply Chain much more manageable. 
Zebra is in a unique position to help companies with utilizing and implementing these solutions.  Software developers should consider how to ensure that the data is processed into a BlockChain and managed according to their customer needs.  Technology Leaders need to be aware of how these new systems integrate into their own.  Because of Zebra's unique position at the edge of the technology space, we are able to provide the right services to support these needs. A customer may not even need to change any of their current systems to take advantage of the opportunities in BlockChain and AI.
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