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F Fran Turkovi? 3 weeks 3 days ago
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Does anyone know is it possible to programmatically turn on Bluetooth tethering on device?

I checked EMDK and do not see option to do that. I am using Xamarin to program scanners.

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E Edward Correia

Hi Fran - Zebra devices do support Bluetooth tethering, but it is not controllable programmatically. 

Zebra Mobility Extensions (MX) offers the ability to control thousands of Android features through EMDK, but unfortunately this feature is not among them at this time. 

However, there have been discussions recently about adding it, and I suggest contacting your Zebra account representative ASAP about submitting a feature request that describes your use case. Customer need is the primary driver behind Zebra engineering decisions.  

Thank you for using Zebra products. 

Best regards, 
Eddie Correia
Zebra Technologies

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