Card Printer Encode over Ethernet

S Stephen Troup 2 years 7 months ago
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Does anyone know where the Encoder Over Ethernet sdk installers are on the Zebra Website, I've checked all the card printer sdk sections and the manual is present but no downloads.

I have an old released version from 2016 - where the zbrsxbridge.dll is v2.0.4100 and was wondering if there's a more up to date version?

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S Stephen Troup

I ended up answering my own question.


In the end I dumped the Zebra SDK as it wasn't compatible with the ZC350 and Elatec reader as that reader has 6 slots and the original Zebra code couldn't accept that many, it only allows 'Contact' and 'Contactless' as it was setup to handle the SDI010 reader that's in the ZXP3, ZXP7-9. It would connect and then immediately disconnect as it couldn't find a reader with those two keywords and as the Elatec has 6 it would fail on that as well and so I wrote my own version of interface directly to the Silex SDK.

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