Connecting to a ZebraZD420 printer via bluetooth


Im trying to create a FLUTTER app to print pdf to a ZebraZD420, to this moment the only thing i have achived its that the bluetooth can recognize the device, the problem is that after i send the file nothing happens, i have already used the Android zebra SDK example code and they work fine, i could easily print the test example file.
Is it possible to send a pdf file and a zpl code to the ZebraZD420 via BLUETOOTH on a FLUTTER created app? i have already try all the puv dev and github repository codes but any of them work, they only recognize my device but it dosent print. the project should be printing via Bluetooth and not TCP/IP

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Hi Alex,

We have a few options for printing PDFs on our printers.

Unofficially (i.e. not supported by Zebra), there is a print service available on Google Play which is essentially an Android Print service designed for our printers. This is available here:… & source code is also public here:

Alternatively, if your printer has PDF Direct installed you should be able to use our SDK to send the PDF file accross:…. PDF Direct is Free of charge when running Link-OS 6.3 or later.



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Hi James i have already try this one you told me: This is available here:… & source code is also public here:
The problem its that the app only support TCP/IP conecction, is there any other option that can conecct via bluetooth? i have already try some other apps on the Google Play store but have not found any yet that can achive this.
I do not use the Zebra official SDK because my main app is built in Flutter, so i need to integrate a printing option to the app

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James is there any other alternative to print to ZD420 bluetooth with FLUTTER created app? I have already try that app you told me and nothing seems to happen, as i say before i already try the zebra SDK for android and it works perfect with the example code, but the problem is that is that for the project i can not use your sdk because the main app is already build in a Flutter created app, i have already try every zebra code but nothing seems to work