Could not connect TC26 to the ZQ521



I am successfully connecting & printing labels using a few TC26's and ZQ521 printer, using NFC to retrieve the MAC address of the printer and over the Bluetooth sending data to the printer. But, with one of the TC26's I am facing an issue. I am getting a connection error, to be specific:
System.err: com.zebra.sdk.comm.ConnectionException: Could not connect to device: read failed, socket might closed or timeout, read ret: -1

This TC26 that cannot be connected is the same version as the other TC26 that works. Bluetooth is enabled on that device, and I am running the same application that we are using for printing. Also, permissions are allowed.

Do you know what could be an issue?

Submitted by SSi1 on July 29, 2021 Permalink

Is the Android OS on the TC26 that has the Bluetooth connection issue the same as the other TC26 devices? If the Android OS is the same and the same code for the Bluetooth connection runs rock solid on the other TC26 devices, then I would suspect that this particular TC26 device might be defective. Have you tried to run the test with a different printer? Or does the Bluetooth on this particular TC26 work with any other Bluetooth devices?

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So it was a problem with pairing TC26 and ZQ521, and we managed to solve it using Printer Setup App from Zebra. So, we had to follow the steps that are shown in that app, and enter the PIN from the printer.

Can we disable the security barrier between TC26 and ZQ521, so we don't need to enter the PIN from the printer in the TC26?
I found an SGD command "bluetooth.minimum_security_mode", but I'm not sure what value to provide.