EMDK profile does not work on the device TC25BJ


Our Android application uses EMDK to set device profile parameters (disable/enable home key, remap keys ...). Config file in attachment.
Currently we are using app with EMDK on the following devices:
- MC330M (Android 7.1.2, MXMF -> EMDK profile works ✓
- TC26BK (Android 10, MXMF 10.2) -> EMDK profile works ✓
- TC57HO (Android 8.1, MXMF -> EMDK profile works ✓
- TC25BJ (Android 8.1, MXMF -> EMDK shows errors below when applying profile (e.g Error in disabling home key...)

The profile is not applied to TC25BJ device and we receive the following error Error in disabling home key... The profile works fine on all other devices except that. It is very interesting that the profile also works on device TC57HO where is the same Android and MX version.So we think the fault is not on our side. Do you have any experiences or recommendations?

We have bought a lot of TC25BJ devices and therefore it is very important for us to solve this problem.

Source code: https://pastecode.io/s/qqi90xvdkb