flutter print by TCP/IP or Bluetooth with Zebra zq620


Hi ! I'm Flutter developper App. And I want to print pdf files with zebra zq620. I've tried with Bluetooth, but zebra no longer maintain connection. I need help to use TCP/IP for printing. But if it's possible, I would want to use Bluetooth too. The problem is when I use Bluetooth, zebra no longer keep the connection even if I successfully connected on my mobile phone (IOS/ANDROID). Thank's and excuse me for my english language!

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Please note the above referred link doesn't apply to the ZQ620 printers. So the ZQ620 should not have this issue. Besides, there is workaround to prevent the issue from happing by turning off the Wi-Fi radio.

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Launch the Zebra Printer Setup Utility app. After the printer is connected, go to Connectivity Settings -> Wireless. Then click on the first radio button  on the top of the view that is next to the Wireless. Then follow through the flow to the end and reset the printer. This should set the Wi-Fi radio to the off mode.

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You can send the configuration commands to the printer via the Zebra Printer Setup Utility app. You need to put the commands into a file. Store the file on the phone. Then use the "Available Files" option in the app to send the file to the printer.

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Hi ! I think you're right. I found that Flutter's package Bluetooth_print could have a bug https://github.com/thon-ju/bluetooth_print/issues/75 . So when we successfully connect to Zebra printer Bluetooth, it's my Flutter's app that lost connection. I tried in vain many packages, could you give me an advice about another one with Flutter that will work in Ipad ? Thank's !

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Looks like your unit doesn't have the Wi-Fi. Not every ZQ620 printers have the Wi-Fi. Check the spec of your unit or check if your unit has a Wi-Fi logo on the printer head or on the bottom of the printer. If it doesn't have the Wi-Fi logo, then the printer doesn't have Wi-Fi capability.

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Hi, finally I'm using Bluetooth to connect with Zebra printer. I successfully connected to Zebra. But the problem when I want to print, nothing happens. We see something on printer's screen like a signal but nothing happens. I used Flutter_Blue package.
That's the first step. Next step, I think will be to send command ZPL. Someone gave me advice to use Zebra's plugin for Flutter. If you have an advice for choosing a plugin, I'll appreciate. For now, I found that link https://pub.dev/packages/zebrautility. I'm trying that plugin. Hope it will be the good one. Thank's !

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No, none of Zebra printers supports AirPrint. The Bluetooth on the printers is Apple MFi certified, so the printers can connect to iPad over Bluetooth. The Link-OS SDK for iOS has the API for the Bluetooth Classic based printing. For Bluetooth Low Energy based printing on iPad, you would need to use the iOS Core Bluetooth framework directly.

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Hi, finally I found an other alternative. I used MobiPrint that allows to connect Zebra printer to Ipad. It's alright that I do not print directly in my app, but it looks like. So, when I have to print, I load the file from my flutter app in PDF viewer, and thank's to MobiPrint I get an option like MobiPrint Extension. And I can print with Zebra. Big thank's for your assistance. Really appreciated !