FX9600 Embedded Java App - Logging?



I have written a Java app to run on the FX9600. I have packaged it as a deb and installed it from the web i/f and I can start it and stop it successfully.

In my app I have added some basic logging function with a very limited maximum log file size of 50kb.

When I run the app from the web interface the log file is not being created. If I ssh into the unit and run it using the same start_MYAPP.sh script, the log file is created and written to.

My app is not working properly when I run from the web interface, but does when I run it from the shell script. Without any logging I cannot discover why there is a difference.

How can I get my app to log correctly?

Submitted by amhunter@ashle… on September 23, 2021 Permalink

I believe the problem is because when you start it from ssh terminal, it has the proper current directory. But when starting from the web interface, it is using the start_.sh script you wrote. Try adding "cd /apps" to the script before kicking it off as that will set the current directory where you should be able to write you log file to.