Generate Barcode - Barcode Image Distorted while printing on RDLC reports


On Barcode generate API, I'm trying to successfully get the barcode, but when using the API in my project to consume and print on RDLC, the image is getting distorted (refer snip below)

Also, when trying to manually Edit the image and saving as PNG again, then using it is working fine. On Comparison, between the original image and the saved as image, it is identified the Bit-Length is 8 in the Original Image and Bit-Length is 32 in the Saved as Image.

Final Goal, is to get this working using the API in my project and print using RDLC.

Please refer attachments, as below:
1. Barcode.png - Original Barcode Image (getting from API)
2. Barcode_New.png - Saved As Barcode Image
3. RDLC Print Issue.jpg - When consuming API and printing issue on RDLC (might be due to Bit-Length)
4. Barcode_Generate_API_Results.JPG - Consuming API using Postman and getting the barcode
5. Comparison.JPG - Properties comparison between Original and Saved As Image.

Barcode.png (213 bytes)
Barcode_New.png (397 bytes)
Comparison.jpg (87.58 KB)