Host SDK for FX9600


I have developed embedded applications in C using the C embedded SDK. This application works great when I install and start it via the web-portal. So now we are trying to automate deployment. We want the automation to run on linux, so I'm now working with the Linux Host SDK to try and install the packages programmatically in a simple console application that could be used for automating the deployment.

I can login and get the list of installed applications without issue. But when I try to install it via the RFID_InstallUserApp API, I consistently get error return 5 = RFID_API_UNKNOWN_ERROR. I have tried with the latest linux host SDK (v5.5.4.16) and the most recent two versions (v5.5.4.14 and v5.5.2.19). They have the exact same issue. So for comparison purposes, I tried the same flow using the Windows SDK for .NET and it worked without issue - they installed and started exactly as I had coded without errors using the same deb package files I was using on linux.

Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong with the linux SDK? Or know of any reported bug with the RFID_InstallUserApp in the linux host SDK?


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Not sure if this might help or not, but with the java app you create a "deb" package and install it via the web interface of the reader.