How to control the distance or field in which the reader scanning capacity works

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B Basit Hashmi 1 year 6 months ago
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Serial number of the unit: 21010523020108
Model number or product name: RFD8500 RFID Reader
ZEBRA Android SDK Version:
Android target SDK version: 31
Android min SDK version: 24

We have a specific requirement by our client for a customized native Android app.

Use case:
Our client wants to control the distance or field in which the reader scanning capacity works. He has 2 small rooms side-by-side and when he starts scanning currently device scans from both rooms but he wants to scan from only the room he is currently present.

Ideal Solution:
We need to provide a power level slider into our native Android app by which we can set or program the RFID reader to only work in a small field or distance.

Looking forward from you to indicate me any specific support in ZEBRA Android SDK or any code sample by which we can achieve this specific requirement.


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J James Swinton-Bland


I believe you can use the setTransmitPowerIndex api to change the power of the antenna, which would change the range:

Antennas.AntennaRfConfig antennaRfConfig = mConnectedReader.Config.Antennas.getAntennaRfConfig(1);


B Basit Hashmi

Can you please tell me what are the allowed integere values for TransmitPowerIndex function.

Thank you.

J James Swinton-Bland

You can use the getTransmitPowerLevelValues() API

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