How to load a new font to a zebra printer


Can someone provide a step-by-step instruction how to load a new font to a Zebra printer?


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I use EPL to program label printing. How does EPL use the loaded fonts?

print 'A470,213,2,2,2,3,N,\"' in column 1,
'ABC Corp' in column 22,

The 3rd argument "2" is to control the fonts. I can use 1-5 for the default fonts. How to relate the newly loaded fonts? I've tried 6, 7, 8 and A/a. It doesn't work. Please help and advise. Thank you!

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How did  you load the external font onto the EPL printer? To download a 3rd party font onto a EPL printer, you should use the "Down Fonts and Graphics" option in the Zebra Printer Setup Utility for Windows. Then you should be asked to give a single letter (from "a" to "z") to represent the font on the EPL printer. Then you can use this single letter in place for a numeric number for the 3rd argument. The numeric numbers are reserved for the built-in fonts and the special EPL Asian Font.