Print from a Web Application


My customer has an existing .NET web application. They would like to be able to print a barcode label from that application to their Zebra ZQ620 mobile printer. Is there a way to print from a web application to a ZQ620 mobile printer connected to a laptop or PC via a USB cable? In other words, is there existing code or an API that will allow me to send ZPL commands to the printer via a web application?

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There are a number of options for printing ZPL label from a web application. The option 1 & 2 are the simple solutions.

1. Use SendFileToPrinter API - A REST API and very simple solution. See this article Use the SendFileToPrinter API for Your Cloud-Based Printing Needs  for details.

2. Use the Browser Print - It's JavaScript based. You would have to bridge between the C# in your .NET web application and the JavaScript. You also need to install the Browser Print client side software on your PC or laptop.

3. Use Link-OS SDK for .NET - You will need to integrate the SDK with your existing .NET web app and connect to the printer via TCP/IP with the server.

4. Use Link-OS SDK for Webservices - It's Java based and runs on Tomcat. This may not be favorable, as your existing web app is .NET.