RFD8500 SDK 1.1.68 iOS Trigger events not fired in some conditions

F Francesco Bianchi 5 days 14 hours ago
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Hi there,

Trying to make my app compatible with RFD40 scanner too I updated to iOS SDK 1.1.68

I found a strange condition in which RFD8500 is not working.
More specific trigger events callback is not fired.
I configured device to work with trigger callbacks only (so scan starts programmatically on trigger pressed event and stops on trigger released)  
Everything seems to work well:

  • device connects
  • events subscription works
  • switching between RFID and Barcode mode
  • scan perfectly works

From now if I put app in background for a while and then foreground it again, app correctly reconnects to device (scan works if programmatically started), but it can happen that trigger events callbacks are not executed.
To recover from this I need to run an older version of the app (with an older SDK).

Does anyone else has encountered the same problem?
Do event subscriptions need to be renewed every time app goes in background?
Is it possible that I missed some configuration that makes trigger disable?
I never experienced this with older SDK.

Thank you very much

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