TC21 - poor ability to roam between ApPs


Got quite a few TC21's that are dropping WiFi connection, and immediately reconnecting back.

Mostly happens when in use, where the user is moving around a warehouse. After a lot of digging through WiFi logs, it appears that the TC21 is very reluctant to switch to an AP that is closer and provides a much better signal.

The WiFi infrastructure is Cisco WLC controlled, and no other clients are having any issues, also the warehouse have been site-surveyed recently.
Only 5GHz radios are enabled.

Is there any settings on the TC21 that can be modified, to make the scanner more willing til shift AP???

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I'm not aware of any specific settings on the device that could improve AP switching.

I would recommend raising a support ticket if this is impacting your operations so we can determine if we have a bug, or if this is expected behaviour. Also make sure you're on the latest OS & LG patches as we regularly push bug fixes when they're identified.

Alternatively, perhaps you could configure the APs to drop connections for the TC21's that are below a specific db which would force them to reconnect to the stronger AP?



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I was considering that, but had to drop the idea. I believe the feature you are referring to is known as "Rx SoP", however it is similar
to using a hammer, since it will affect every client on the Wifi infrastructure - not just the TC21's. Being android v. 10. I'm sure there are tons of possible settings - just need to know what they are, and how to change them..

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There is a "avoid poor connections" setting in android under the WiFi settings, which may help improve performance.

Alternatively, there is a 3rd party app on Play that seems to let you configure thresholds & preffered networks, which may be worth testing.