TypeLoadException error occurs when trying to load Symbol.RFID.SDK.RfidSdk on Windows Embedded Compact 7.


I am trying to connect the RFID reader (RFD8500) from a handheld terminal and its OS is Windows Embedded Compact 7.

I have downloaded Windows.Mobile.SDK_v2.1.9.zip. Unzip and put all DLL libraries in the same place as the application.
As I read the SDK document it could be load with MC55 (Windows Mobile 6.5).

After the application deployed on the handheld terminal, it could be paired with RFD8500 via Bluetooth(OEM Bluetooth API) and then I try to connect with the below code with Zebra RFID SDK. But it has some error occurred as the following

at RFD8500Example.Form1.btnSearchRFIDReader_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) ...

The following is my source code.

using Symbol.RFID.SDK;
using Symbol.RFID.SDK.Domain.Reader;

readerManagement = RfidSdk.RemoteReaderManagementServicesFactory.Create();

Does it support Windows Embedded Compact 7 if no could you please provide compatible libraries?

Thanks in advance.