What is causing this ZPL code to print incorrectly?

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Z Zach Rickman 2 weeks 6 days ago
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This ZPL code previews on Labelary in the right way and actually worked a month ago. Now when I print it everything is blank except the image and the text is turned horizontally.


^FO45,15 ...IMAGE ZPL...


^CFJ,14,14 ^FB334,1,0,C,0
^FO166,23^FDManufacturer Stipulates Conformance To:^FS ^CF0,30,30
^FO166,56^FDNFRC 100/200/500^FS

^FO506,23^FDComfort View Products^FS ^CFJ,12,12 ^FB224,5,0,C,0 ^FO506,37^FDNewnan, GA^FS ^FB224,5,0,C,0 ^FO506,57^FDProduct:^ ^FS ^FB224,5,0,C,0 ^FO506,70^FD{%PRDCT%}^FS ^FB224,5,0,C,0 ^FO506,95^FDIG NO. NAMI-102111^FS




This is what it is supposed to look like, instead the text is turned 90 degrees and has is falling off of the bottom within each section. The only thing that is correct is the borders, image, and outside horizontal number. I can't figure out if it is a zpl problem or a printer problem?

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S Steven Si

Looks like the printer was accidentally configured to rotate the label by 90 degree. Try to factory reset the printer and reprint. The ZPL Programming Guide has the information on how to factory reset a printer.

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