Zebra tc75x -> factory reset ?

Hello all,

i have a lot of device zebra tc75x under android 6.0

now, we have receive some new device zebra tc75x but on android 7.0

with my MDM (mobicontrol) on a device android 7 i have installed a profile by the MDM (lockdown).
for some reason and i don't know why the device is on state ...start every time -> see attachment picture

on internet, i've read to make a factory reset press and hold -> scanner button + power button + volume up button for 4 seconds
But the device didn't make a factory reset
the device start ...

i would like to perform a factory reset ...but HOW

Someone has an idea about how to perform a factory reset on zebra tc75x -> android 7 ?

thanks a lot

christophe bernard
any idea ?

Someone has an idea ?

why on recovry mode (left button -> not the button scan + power on) there is not an option for factory reset ..

Thanks for your suggestion

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Matt Dermody
If you can make it into

If you can make it into Recovery mode then you will need to either transfer the Factory Reset .zip over USB to the device via adb sideload OR you can put the zip on an external SD card and then try to mount the SD card in recovery mode to access the reset file.

Factory Reset files can be found within the device specific support page:


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