ZQ610 Wireless Configuration


I'm just getting started with a project requiring the use of label printers and we were hoping to use the Zebra ZQ610 to do so.

For complete simplicity right now, I was hoping to connect one of these to my home network (working from home). I've been using the Zebra Setup Utilities on Windows to configure it.

I go through what appears to be the correct sequence of events but my ZQ610 never seems to get assigned an IP nor does it give me any indication that it's even attempting a connection to the network (e.g. no blinking antenna as suggested in the user guide)

When I cycle through the network settings on the printer, it shows the ESSID as I entered, but doesn't appear to let me change "Primary Network" from anything but "Wired".

Am I missing something really obvious. Should it be possible for me to get a ZQ610 connected to a normal wireless router via DHCP without any extra hardware?

Submitted by SSi1 on October 15, 2021 Permalink

ZQ610 supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi. I've a ZQ610 printer connected to my home Wi-Fi right now. When using the Printer Setup Utility for Windows tool to configure the printer's Wi-Fi, it should take you through the steps to the completion without any issues.

From what you described, it looks like the Primary Network is set to the wired, instead of the wireless. To change the setting, just press the up or the down arrow to cycle through the wired and the wireless options. You may be prompted for entering the passcode, which is 1234 by default. Once the passcode is entered, you should be able to see the wireless option.