ZXP series 7


Is there a way to print client side from a webpage using user selected data?

Is there a file format that the zxp series 7 will accept for a simple card with QR code and some text? I'd like to have a template in javascript and populate the QR code, Name, etc and send it to the printer, either through socket, api, driver.
The only method of printing I've found so far is designing in Cardstudio and reading from a file or database to populate a template to print through cardstudio.

Is there a way to create a template and print without cardstudio by directly sending a file to the printer?

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I create cards with PHP where I create them in a PDF file using TCPDF. Page size is business card. TCPDF can create QR codes. The PDF file is downloaded and sent to the printer. This works very well for me.