HostMgr - Setting host name will not stick after reboot.

I've been using StageNow to set my host names on my devices (TC8000). Everything looks good at first, but after a reboot, the name reverts to an incomprehensible string like "android-blah1blah2blah3".

Steps I do....
1. Use StageNow to set Host Name. (Simple one step profile where I select xPert Mode -> HostMgr -> specify name)
2. Use StageNow to setup the rest of the device. (Fairly simple xPert Mode setting where I load some files (an APK and some images), install the APK, setup WiFi, set home page on the browser, then use the EHS wizard to load EHS.)

After I scan the bar codes in both steps, I can see the device name as I expect it to be. (I use the flag <title><value>[network_host_name]</value></title> under the <preferences> tag.)

So far, so good. Everything looks and acts as I expect it to. Until I reboot. Then it reverts back to that incomprehensible string I mentioned above.

I have also tried setting the name using StageNow as the second step. Which does change the host name immediately, but after a reboot, the name once again reverts to the nonsense string.

FTR: The host name is the only setting that seems to be problematic. I have a few other custom settings in the EHS XML that persist and are working as expected. Heck, even the admin password is working (I had issues with that one as I originally ignored the warning of "thou shalt not edit the password in the xml file directly").