TC56 Battery Swap question

I'm working with a customer using the TC56. Their terminal does have the battery swap app option. To change the battery the users guide recommends the following.
1. Press the Power button until the menu appears.
2. Touch Battery Swap.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
WARNING: Do not remove the battery until after the red LED completely turns off. Loss of data may result.
4. Wait for the red LED to completely turn off.
5. If hand strap is attached, remove hand strap.
6. .....continue to replace the battery.

The battery swap app is running under device admin mode. This customer has written their own MDM client and the fact that the battery swap app is running as device admin is causing an issue with their MDM client.

Customer is asking me what the negative impact is if they don't use the battery swap app when changing batteries? My assumption is there could be a potential loss of data that is currently in RAM. They believe that to be true as well. And they don't care if they lose data in RAM during a battery swap. But they want to be sure that's the only potential issue. Could there be any other potential ramifications with swapping the battery without using the battery swap app?


Matt Dermody
It is exactly that. Since the

It is exactly that. Since the TC56 doesn't have a supercapacitor like the TC8300 or WT6000 there isnt a true hot swap option. The battery swap feature is designed to alleviate some of the pain of a battery swap by attempting to restore as much of the previous device state as possible. Often the overhead of activating the battery swap mode is arguably not worth it compared to just letting the device completely reboot. I'm fairly certain you can safely avoid using that battery swap app if it is not important to the end user.

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