Reading data after making ^HZA query

I am using Zebra Link and writing commands directly to Zebra through the iOS SDK. I would like to make a printer description query using ^HZA. Currently, I wait a number of milliseconds before making a read command, but the time it takes for the printer to return the data varies, and sometimes I have to build in a timeout. Is there an accepted process to read the result data? Is there a callback function available in the iOS sdk to listen for printer responses, or is there a suggested timeout or time interval to read data from the printer connection until we receive data?

Sample code:

let opened =
let zplCommand = "^XA^HZA^XZ"
guard opened, let data: Data = .utf8) else { return }
var error: NSError? = nil

connection.write(data, error: &error)
if let error = error {
usleep(1000) // <------ what is the appropriate time to wait?

var readString: String? = ""
var count: Int = 0
while readString?.isEmpty ?? true {
let result = try
readString = String(data: result, encoding: .utf8)
usleep(1000) // <------ what is the appropriate time to wait?