Can ZETI read barcode??

I'm using a terminal to connect to and RFD8500 reader. I type "connect", the connection is successful, and most subsequent commands work as intended.

However, the "readbarcode" command, just returns empty results, "Status OK; barcode type: barcode: ". How is the command supposed to be used? The RFD8500 developer guide just mentions the command, without any examples or documentation at all

Sean Kennedy
Can ZETI read barcode??

If the RFD8500 is in RFID mode - no.
If the RFD8500 is in Barcode Mode - possibly - but you may need to use a different approach - I am unsure if the Zeti - command set allows for that. (Press the mode button and re-try)

Zeti was simply to work with the RFID module. - But could have commands to work with the B/C reader.

The Barcode Scanner - you may need to use the CoreScanner SDK to interact with.

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