unable to discovered ZQ610 bluetooth printer


I've successfully discovered and connected and printed with out any issue in QLN420,QL320 but ZQ610 printer printer is paired but not discovered event also not hitting give me any suggestion i am unable to fine the issue.

private void StartBluetoothDiscovery()
IDiscoveryEventHandler bthandler = DiscoveryHandlerFactory.Current.GetInstance();
bthandler.OnDiscoveryError += DiscoveryHandler_OnDiscoveryError;
bthandler.OnDiscoveryFinished += DiscoveryHandler_OnDiscoveryFinished;
bthandler.OnFoundPrinter += DiscoveryHandler_OnFoundPrinter;


private void DiscoveryHandler_OnFoundPrinter(IDiscoveryHandler handler, IDiscoveredPrinter discoveredPrinter)

if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(PrinterMacAddress))

if (PrinterMacAddress== discoveredPrinter.Address)
if (!printers.Contains(discoveredPrinter))




Steven Si
You may want to check the

You may want to check the Bluetooth setting on ZQ610 to make sure its Bluetooth is discoverable. The following SGD command would help.

! U1 getvar "bluetooth.discoverable"        // Check the setting
! U1 setvar "bluetooth.discoverable" "on"   // Change the setting to "on"


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