TcpConnection - Roll back dependent libs

The code snippet below works in prod but not in my development environment. I kept getting an error - "Unable to determine printer type". I checked out a prior version from GitHub and that app worked fine with the same code.

The fix was to rollback these libraries. I am sure it is probably just one of them, but this fixed my issue:

- FluentFTP (19.2.2)
- BoucyCastle (1.8.2)
- SharpSnmpLib (10.0.9)

These are dependecies of Zebra.Printer.SDK.

Connect to a network printer:

[C#.Net] How to store a format on printer?

To save the format, you can save it to DRAM or Internal Flash using the Designer program.
I would like to use this function through a function call. Referring to the SDK provided by Zebra,
The only functions related to Format in ZebraPrinter Interface are PrintStoredFormat() and RetrieveFormatFromPrinter().
I want to Store a format on Printer.

What does 'file' in PrintUtil.StoreFile() mean?
I don't understand parameters mean
I am entering commands through a USB connection to the printer.

Xamarin.Forms with Zebra.Printer.SDK, printing an image in a RW 420 printer


We have a product that capture signature for invoices in Android and iOS, the printing work fin in several Zebra printer but we have a new customer that use the Zebra RW 420 (we now that is discontinue) , the receipt print just fine except for the images, the signature and logo is just a white space on paper. We try to send the image directly to the printer instead of saving it on memory but no luck. We want to know if is possible to print an image in this printer model from Xamarin.Forms.

Thanks for you help.

Sample SDK C# Sample App Can't scanning barcode with using RFD8500 Bluetooth

Dear All;

Any one can helping to connect RFD8500 barcode scanner with Sample SDK C#;
Anyway i'll allready follow the instruction in Zebra RFD SDK User Guide.
The attachment show step by step configuration.

Need advice from you all;


Best Regards;
Willy Handoko

Zebra.Printer.SDK ThreadPool Issue

I am encountering a strange issue when consuming Zebra .NET SDK.
The issue is occurring when we are trying to discover thermal printers in the local network. Particularly invoking this line of code:
`NetworkDiscoverer.SubnetSearch(DiscoveryHandler discoveryHandler, string subnetRange);`

The threads in the Zebra .NET SDK are implemented with old .NET
classes(ThreadPool) which probably are incompatible with the current
version or Xamarin.Forms and/or netstandard framework version.