CMM sync loss


Guys, Here in Brazil we´re facing some issues with GPS signal.

Do you remember last year? We had many cases all over the world.


Take a look at the info provided by our customer.

He´s already changed 2 CMM, the antennas, all cables, so we guess it´s not his fault since it has always worked fine but lately they´ve noticed sync loss.

SYNC Pulse Status :     No SYNC SYNC Pulse Source :    Master (GPS Module) Satellites Visible :        9 Satellites Tracked :       0 Date from GPS :           07/17/2010 Time from GPS :           03:54:46 Antenna Connection :    OK Tracking Mode :            Acquiring Satellites Latitude :          3° 5' 38.46" S Longitude :       59° 59' 27.06" W Height : 120 meters Invalid Message Count : 0 Restart Count :  0 ReInit Count :    0

Notice that CMM sees 9 satellites but can not track them, just acquiring. Anyone knows if we´re facing the same issue we had last year? thanks