9000 Ethernet cradle - acting like a modem cradle


I am posting this for Glenn Sayer so I don't have all of the details.

His customer has reported that, on occassion, when they place a 9090 into their Ethernet cradle that it is acting as if it were a modem cradle.  If they take it out and put it back it will act correctly. 

So, I have two questions:

- Has anyone seen any behavior similar to this?

- Are there any tools (ie eMscript) that will allow us to see what the interfaces are doing at the time of failure?  We have engaged Cradlepoint on this issue but no resolution yet.

I'll ask Glenn to add more detail but I wanted to throw it our there in the event you've seen this before.

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Lewandowski
Here is another question

Here is another question relative to this posed by the SE at Cradlepoint:

I'm requesting information on the method that the 4 slot cradle is using for it's connection and what driver would be used on the 9090 to enable that communication.  Then contrast that to the driver that's being used by our single slot cradle.

For example, our single slot cradle uses USB enumeration to communicate and setup a PPP link to the 9090.  Then the 9090 sends us PPP data which is encapsulated to Ethernet and sent out the Ethernet port of the cradle.


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