MC9090-G WM doesn't appear in MSP Device Status

G Gabor Szeles 3 years ago
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Hi, I installed MSP 3.3 into VMWare VM (Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 Standard) for testing and demonstration purposes. I created relay server, site, WLAN settings, packages, bundle as needed. The staging profile barcode created, read with MC9090-G WM terminal, every packages downloaded without any problem. The license activated and I have 10 seats in Control version. The firewall on the server is switched off. The packages: abup30 ddd_7.02.79 GetAdapters 2.2 MotoRemoteControl debug30 2.0 Wavelink Telnet CAB (created with Builder in MSP). Relay Server and Network settings Does anybody have any idea what would be the problem what do I need to modify? Thanks, szelesg.

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