2D barcodes for your cell phone


Team, Do you know if there is another application available to demonstrate scanning a barcode off a cellphone?  I tried to find http://motloyalty.com/mcoupons/jars/kerrdrug/winmob/KerrDrug.CAB but it doesn't appear to be available now. Cheers, Mark

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Mark, It appears from your post that you are simply looking for a way to demonstrate reading of 2D barcodes on a cell phone.  To do this simply save this PDF document to your phone.  Remember to enable Maxicode and RSS (GS1) Expanded, since they are disabled by default. Contact me if you have any questions. Bill Feller

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When the DS 9808 first was launched...we used the attached, copied onto the media gallaery of the Milestone, ES400 etc works great...just scan it into notepad on the PC for a low tech demo