MC9090-G Datawedge RFID EPC Clas 1 Gen 2?

Hi We have an MC9090 G with the UHF 53 key.
We install the Datawedge 2.0 but the RFID is gray out.
How can be enable. or what I really need to do to get RFID working with the Datawedge?

Note :
The RFID Demo Application installed show:
Reader Type: 50/ID ISCUM02/PRHD102

EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Anonymous (not verified)
Jusino,  You need to use a


 You need to use a specific version of DataWedge (attached) and RFIDAPI32.DLL (which should replace the existing version installed on your unit). After installing this version, the RFID option should be available in the DataWedge menu.

Best Regards,
Ian Hatton
Motorola EMEA
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